Training Options Testimonies Home John Njoroge   RZIM Speaker In the summer of 2008, I had the privilege of accompanying TEAM members on a speaking tour in South Africa and witnessing firsthand the amazing work that this ministry is engaged in. I cannot emphasize enough how vital this work is in our time, and Simon and his team are doing it in an extremely economical, selfless and effective way. Randy Granno  Pastor, Grace Community Church  It is my privilege to highly recommend the ministry of TEAM of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES).  Having pastored Grace Community Church of Madera for the past 27 years, I have observed a lot of ministries and TEAM stands right at the top of my list.  As a church, we have begun to emphasize apologetics more and more, recognizing that the people of the Lord need greater instruction in this area. TEAM has come alongside us to accomplish this mission in our congregation, community, and region. Jake Carter, Mike Dayton, Bob Lewis, Dave Peterson Pastors, Southbrook Church TEAM has been instrumental in assisting us in moving our vision for Race21Last forward through the solid partnership we've formed.  With the backing of SES and a passion for communicating well reasoned defenses for Christianity, a partnership with TEAM is exactly what Race2Last needed to effectively launch our ministry.   Beginning with last year's inaugural session (10 Common Objections to Christianity), and continuing with this summer's series (Christianity, Cults, and World Religions), TEAM has provided both resources and insight to equip and assist us in moving this vision forward.  A very special letter from Antwoord in South Africa! SES.EDU Mike Licona Research Professor of New Testament, SES I applaud TEAM for the wonderful work they’re doing to advance the kingdom of Christ and strengthen His believers all over the world! I have seen first-hand the type of impact they are having and can have